Once more the following phenomenon is being observed: the longer a couple are together, the more similar their style becomes. Actually, I always have to laugh when I see couples in matching outfits. But the truth is, I’m no stranger to this phenomenon.

Of course, we don’t dress that similarly, but there are some visible similarities.

Today I’m wearing a white boyfriend Shirt. Of course, not from my boyfriend’s closet, but by ASOS.

How do you like the look?

Boyfriend_Bild9_800px Boyfriend_Bild1_800px Boyfriend_Bild4_800px Boyfriend_Bild6_800px Boyfriend_Bild7_800px Boyfriend_Bild8_800px Boyfriend_Bild10_800px Boyfriend_Bild16_800px

Get the Look

Pants: American Eagle, similar one
Shirt: ASOS
Shoes: Forever 21, similar one
Bag: Longchamp