In love with Boho

In love with Boho. Vest and shirt from H&M with shorts from Forever 21 and Shoes from Steve Madden. Sunglasses is from VIU.

The bohemian-look are everywhere on a festival. I’m personally in love with this look.

Best thing to wear on a rainy festival-weekend

Yellow raincoat from SportScheck, a black shirt from H&M with leather leggings from Zalando and Hunterboots. A bag with fringes from Amazon and a Sunnglasses from the flea market.

Summer, sunshine… that’s how good festival-weather should be. But it isn’t always like that. That’s why in my guide today, I show you what to wear on a rainy, moody festival-weekend.

Happy Festival Season

Festivalstyle with a long black dress from H&M, boots from Forever 21, Sunglasses from VIU and earrings from Etsy. The small bag is from H&M and the bangles from different stores.

This month for me is the beginning of festival-time. That’s why I want to address the topic of festivals this month.