Wishlist for January with Bonprix, Topshop, Zalando, H&M and Zara.

January is for me the month when I spend a lot of time at home with candlelight and tea. Then I sit in front of my laptop and go through countless online shops. Once again I have therefore created a wish-list of my favorite pieces for January.

The beautiful and sparkling Christmas season, as well as the passing and long New Year’s Eve party is over again. What follows is a rather gloomy and sometimes a little bleak January. What I love so much at this time is to be at home again, with a cozy warm blanket, a hot cup of tea and my laptop.
Then I go through like a hundred online stores and always discover many new styling ideas, cool combinations and various trends. Sure, January is also known by many for its January hole, to these I also count. But most of the time there is still something left for me to get back some new favorites.

In any case, I’ve looked through online shops like Bonprix, Topshop, Zalando, H&M and Zara and found cool pieces. The clothing pieces and accessories are suitable for a leisurely walk, a drink of coffee or for a dinner or outing with friends.

Here you can find my favorite products for January.

Get the pieces:

1. Shoes,  Zalando
2. Pants, Bonprix
3. Top, Topshop
4. Ring, Zalando
5. Jacket, Topshop
6. Body, Zalando
7. Cropped Shirt, Bonprix
8. Sunglasses, H&M
9. Bag, Bonprix
10. Boots, Zara
11. Belt, H&M
12. Sweater, Zalando
13. Skirt, Topshop