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Toothpaste with diamond powder, with green tea extract and edelweiss or just one who is carbon black? The products of Curaprox and Swiss Smile provide an extra white smile. Today  you have the possibility to win a set from Curaprox. What you have to do for it, you can read it in this post.

The lovely Hollywood stars, run over the red carpet with the most beautiful clothes in the world and smile with their almost surreal-white teeth into the camera. I think pretty much everyone would like to have such a smile. Right? But how do you get it without going regularly to the bleaching doctor? Curaprox and Swiss Smile have launched cool products in dental care, which provide an extra white smile. You can read more about this products and the competition in this post.

Diamond Glow & Pearl shine

The Diamond Glow is a brightening toothpaste with one carat diamond particles in powder form. Sounds kind of crazy not? The toothpaste tastes like an ordinary toothpaste, but the result is not like that, from ordinary paste. The teeth are visibly lighten and it prevents plaque build-up.

After cleaning, the tooth foam “Pearl shine” can be applied. Simply sprayed this foam into your mouth and your teeth will get more brighter.

Diamond Glow & Pearl shine from Swiss Smile.

Vitalizing Herbal Tooth past

For those who don’t like green tea, don’t worry, the taste is quite discreet. The toothpaste has beside the green tea extract and edelweiss a totally refreshing herbal taste, which is just right for me in the morning. It is suitable,included for those who have irritated gums, as the ingredients of this toothpaste regenerate the gums.

After cleaning, you should always use dental floss. Honestly I use them only when I know, in a week comes the dentist’s appointment. Or just after the dentist’s appointment, when I am still totally motivated – for a maximum of one or two weeks. However, I have to confess that this black floss of Swiss Smile makes me more likely to use it every day, because it looks really cool 🙂

Swiss Smile with a Vitalizing Herbal Tooth past


White is Black

A black toothpaste? Excuse me? But teeth must be white. That was my reaction when I heard of the “White is Black” of Curaprox at a first time. Also the testing of a black toothpaste was really unusual. The toothpaste which consists of activated charcoal cleanse gently discoloration. This doesn’t mean that we no longer have to clean the teeth by our dentist, but the teeth will remain longer in white.

White is Black from Curaprox


Day Gloss nude

When I applied the lipgloss, I felt such a strong cool tingling, almost a little burning on my lips. And after a while, the lips were actually fuller. Really cool, because a bit fuller lips – not that my lips look like a rubber boat – but a little more bigger looks really nice. The Lip Gloss can also be worn over a lipstick.

Day Gloss nude from Swiss Smile


Night care lip balm & glorious Lips

Usually when the air is dry, I always have these brittle lips. Then I can use like 10 times a day a lip balm, it does not change a lot. Now I started to take care of my lips overnight. The Night care lip balm nourishes the lips overnight and soothes skin aging like lines, dryness and dullness.

Not only that the lips are dry but also around the lips arise these small wrinkles. The glorious lips is an oxygen booster, which can also be applied around the mouth section. As a result, this area of the skin  receives energy and oxygen again.

Night care lip balm & glorious Lips from Swiss Smile

I personally like the products, and because I like them so much, I would raffle a set from Curaprox. What do you have to do? Join me for my newsletter on my website and you automatically participate in the competition. You can register until April 10, 2017. I will personally contact the winners.

Good luck to everyone 🙂