Fashionblogger, Andrea Steiner from Strawberries 'n' Champagne is showing her fashion highlights for May and what you can pack for a big trip.

In May there are two awesome Happenings. An exciting trip is coming soon and a few matching fashion highlights to take with me.

As you may have already seen on my Instagram account, my next travel trip goes to China. I’m already really excited about what we will experience. China was never my top priority on the list of countries I wanted to visit. Honestly it wasn’t even on my list for a long time. Why? I have no idea. Maybe I have been not really involved in this huge country and this culture. But now we have decided to travel and discover the country of the rising sun. We start on May 20th. On my social media channels and on my website I keep you posted about our trip, what we discover and our experience.

Until then, there is still a lot to be done. Among others packing is announced. I’m not a big fan of packing because I’m always not sure what to take with me for my travel. In many cases, I push this task away as far as possible. In order to make packing a bit easier, I have put together some matching style highlights that are perfect for a trip abroad. When traveling, I would like to wear as comfortable clothes as possible and still have the right dress for a nice dinner with me. The jumpsuit is a right companion for a comfortable outfit for days. Also jeans, shirt and jackets are included. And for a nice dinner, a cute dress with high heels. Finally, some accessories and et voilà – the suitcase with the right clothes is packed.

To pack a suitcase is only one thing, as so often I have not the right clothes in the wardrobe, which are suitable for my travels. In order to run half the city upside down, there is usually no time. That’s why online shopping is like a song of angels for me. Zalando has not only a huge selection of different cool brands on one platform, but also delivers super fast at home. You can find the clothes on Editorial Magazine by Zalando.