Fashion Blog Strawberries 'n' Champagne by Andrea Steiner write about her 3 Must-Haves for Spring.

Spring is coming and with it a lot of new trends. My favorite parts of this season are three must-haves.

I’m not that guy who celebrates Easter really intense, but I like the idea of ​​having a nice Easter brunch or a cozy dinner with the family. It is also the starting signal for spring. At least in theory. In the last few years, it often happened that Mother Hulda shook out her pillows again and the chocolate bunnies did not have to be searched on the grass but dug out in the snow.

After Easter, it is the ideal time to stow the thick winter jacket for a few months in the farthest corner of the wardrobe and let the fresh wind in the closet. But the question is, what exactly should I leave in my wardrobe?

The most fitting and spring-like pattern is definitely the floral print. Because what fits better at this time than a colorful flower pattern? Right.

What I also fall in love with this season, the combination of pink and red. A little reminiscent of the two colors to the favorite tones of Barbie or the movie “Legally Blond”. But latest this season, designers and fashion fanatics have proven that pink can not only be sweet but also exudes strength and confidence.

The third thing on my must-haves-for-spring-list is the fringe look. In the past, they were mainly known for the hippie or bohemian style. These times are over because today they appear on everyday clothes such as tops, skirts, jackets or pants. Best of all, they give the look a certain dynamism, as they are always in motion.

Thus spring can come. And if Mother Hulda lets out the snow again, the pieces can be ordered convenient of your own home. They can be found at Esprit, Topshop, River Island, Aldo, and Gucci. Brands that stand not only for quality but also for a full load of style.

Get the Look

1. Sweater: Esprit, 2. Pants: Topshop, 3. Bracelet: Esprit, 4. Socks: Esprit, 5. Shoes: Aldo, 6. Dress: Esprit, 7. Jacket: River Island, 8. Bag: Gucci, 9. Shoes: Aldo, 10. T-Shirt: River Island, 11. Skirt: Topshop