Andrea Steiner, fashion blogger from Switzerland write about wedding season and what to wear as a wedding guest.

When it comes to weddings, it’s high season again. Our wedding marathon started last year with four parties and this year four more will follow. But what can I wear as a wedding guest?

That may sound cheesy, but I have to admit that all the weddings I was allowed to attend were just wonderful and were celebrated with so much love in the air. It is certainly also because the people who have married are very close to me.

Also this year I was so happy about the invitations. But after the euphoria has decreased a bit, another pretty relevant question buzzes through my head: What do I wear?

An important point, what does the couple want? Is there a dress code and what role does one have at the wedding? Bridesmaid or guest?

Personally, I also think it’s very important that you feel good in the dress, move well, walk, sit and dance. These are all things that you usually do at weddings. Another point: never steal the show from the bride. Sure, we all want to look good at the party, but still, it’s HER day. That’s why it’s a no-go for me to wear the color white.

Besides these unwritten wedding wardrobe rules, I do not want to wear the same dress twice, at weddings with similar guests. But that also goes into money. That’s why I rummaged online and picked clothes under CHF 180.-.

What would interest me, what do you wear at weddings?

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