Andrea Steiner fashion- and travel blogger from Strawberries 'n' Champagne based in Switzerland.

“Live in that moment, and do what you love. It is your beautiful life.”

Who am I: Andrea, 30 (2016) from Lucerne (Switzerland)

My characteristic: Loud laugh

I love: Fashion, M&M’s, traveling, Arizona Ice-Tea, a fire in the fireplace in Winter, coffee in the morning, freshly laundered blankets, trash-TV, Grandma’s bundt cake

I don’t like: Sunday drivers on Mondays, no seat on the train, pushy people, smartypants, pickles on my burger

Why: My passion is fashion! I want to inspire and encourage readers to live fashion. Try out new things, experiment with trends and have fun with it.

What can you expect: A lot of fashion – trends, styling tips and my personal favorites from the fashion world.

Life motto: Now or Never!

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