Happy Holiday


Just a few days left and Christmas will greet us at the front door. I’m personally in love with Christmas; get-togethers with his loved ones, the good food and many great wines. And certainly the outfit should fit for this occasion.

Midi skirt for colder days – Part II

Midi skirt with stripes in black and white from Topshop with a black sweater from Gina Tricot and black high heels from Zara.

In my latest blog post, I promised to show you another styling variety from the midi skirt for winter.

Midi skirt for colder days – Part I

Midiskirt in pink from Topshop with a black turtleneck sweater from River Island and a leather bikerjacket and high heels from Zara. The bag is from Forever 21.

Even when it gets colder, it doesn’t mean that we need to keep our favourite garments we’ve been wearing over the past few months at the back of the closet. In this and the next post, I’m going to show you the seasonal possibilities you have wearing skirts and at the same time refreshing your wardrobe.

My Must-Have Piece

Black turtleneck dress from mint&berry with blue high heels from topshop, a black coat from Hoss Intropia and a clutch with rivets from the flea market.

As you already know from my previous blog posts, I love everything about turtlenecks. That’s why a turtleneck dress in the wardrobe is a must.

Oversized-Turtleneck for cozy days

A white oversize turtleneck from Forever 21 with destroyed jeans from Only. Then black high-heels with rivets from Aldo and a green bag from Zara.

On cold days, I love snuggling down in a warm and comfortable turtleneck-sweater. At the moment, I’m in love with turtlenecks. This time, I bought this oversized model.

Hello Cold Weather

Turtleneck Poncho with fringes from Only with Hunterboots and a bag from Marc Jacobs.

The temperature drops – rain and stormy weather greet me at the front door. Mostly in this weather, I grab my Hunter boots out of the box.

Pencil skirt as a casual look

Casual Look: Pencilskirt with a black Shirt and a green bomber jacket from Linetta Tokyo.

As promised in my previous blog post, I want to show you another variety of pencil skirt. This time as a casual look suitable for a daily wear.

Timeless classic

Pencilskirt with a cropped sweater and a coat from Uniqlo. The Bag is from Hugo Boss.

Just like on Miss Moneypenny, the pencil skirt evokes stereotypical images of sexy secretaries or stewardesses. Certainly there is much more to this timeless classic than the cliché as an outfit of a plain office-assistant.

Pretty Ballerina

Tulle skirt with a sweater and biker leatherjacket from Zara

Didn’t you have this dream to be like a prima ballerina? Elegant and pretty, in a pink leotard with a tutu?

Black Always Works!

Black Dress with patent-leahter shoes from Zara

You know the situation. You’re standing in front of your wardrobe, you’ve changed your outfit like 15 times and nothing works.