10 things you have to do in Buenos Aires

10 things you have to do in Buenos Aires.

Wow, time flew by. I still have the feeling that I have just arrived in Buenos Aires. Now three weeks have passed. In addition to the Spanish language school, I have experienced many great things in these three weeks. Thats why I’ve created for you guys a Travel Guide for Buenos Aires.

A long white dress with blue stripes, a straw bag and some sneakers for a casual day in Florence.

5 things you have to do in Florence

A long white dress with blue stripes, a straw bag and some sneakers for a casual day in Florence.

Bella Italia – the name says it already. A beautiful country with many beautiful cities. I summarized in a short review the  5 things you have to do in Florence.

Protect your skin

Andrea Steiner, fashion blogger from Strawberries n Champagne tested the sun protection Eucerin.I still remember when I was on vacation with my friends; we just used the sun protection factor 5 and, if possible, put oil over our skin. Our goal: Be as much brown as you can. Although some of us were red than brown 🙂 Not only because of a sunburn, also of so many other risky things, it is important to use the right products.

Trip with Yves Rocher to Paris

A polka dot dress with a straw bag and white sneakers for a fashion show in Paris.

As I write this blog post, I am currently on the train from Paris back to Lucerne. My mind went through the whole trip again and just now I’m aware of a few things that we have experienced. Do you know what I mean? If you have had so many great experiences that you realize certain things only after the trip?

Fashion and Travelblogger Andrea Steiner write on her blog about the best places in Texas and Louisiana.

The Southern States from a different side

The Southern States from a different side on fashion and travel blog Strawberries n Champagne by Andrea

In the Southern States and especially in Texas everything is a bit bigger – streets, cars, food. A cliché that I have to agree. But on our journey through the South, I came to know the country from a completely different.

Best spots in Los Angeles

Fashion and Travel Blog Strawberries 'n' Champagne by Andrea Steiner write about her favorite spots in Los Angeles and where you can find all this beautiful wall paintings at Melrose avenue.

Where should I start with our U.S. Trip? It was filled with so many beautiful and exciting moments. But I think I start with my report from the beginning and write about the best spots in Los Angeles.

This time not to much gypsy – Festival Style

Andrea Steiner is a fashion blogger from Lucerne in Switzerland. On her blog Strawberries 'n' Champagne, she shows a festival Look for the Zermatt Unplugged Event. She is wearing black skinny pants by topshop, a shoulder off shirt by shein.com and a hat an d sunglasses by H&M.

Pack your backpack, oil your voice and off to the festival. The open-air season is officially opened. Now only the right outfit is missing.

What I love about layering-look

Fashion blog, Strawberries & Champagne by Andrea Steiner with a moschino bag and lace blouse with basic top from Forever 21 presenting a layering look.

The layering-look is a trend for me that can be worn in so many different variations and possibilities. And it makes so much fun to wear it.

Fashion blog Strawberries and Champagne with a new styling for a short city trip in Dublin – wearing asos fishnet tights.

Most comfortable outfit for my trip to Dublin

Fashion blogger Andrea Steiner von Strawberries 'n 'Champagne zeigt ihr bequemstes Outfit für einen Städtetrip - und trägt einen pinken oversize Pullover von asos.

Comfortable, chic and practical – thats how I like my city trip looks. This time I went to Dublin and I have with me my most comfortable outfit.

Shanghai Beauty

Fashionblogger Andrea Steiner from Strawberries 'n' Champagne wearing in Shanghai a long skirt from Uniqlo with a Mickey Mouse shirt also from Uniqlo. The sunglasses is from Muji and the clutch from H&M.

Big, bigger, Shanghai – a huge city that flashed me a little bit. And despite the size of this city, there are many small beautiful districts in which one does not feel like that you are in a big city.