Herbst Trend: Silberner Faltenrock mit einem kurzen Pullover und weissen Boots.

Fall Trend: Pleated Skirt

Silver pleated skirt with a sweater and white boots. Fall Trend.

There are people who can say it quickly like a shot what type they are in terms of seasons. With me, it is relatively difficult. How is it with you?

Ein weisses Kleid mit blauen Streifen, dazu eine Strohtasche und weisse Sneakers für eine Städtereise in Florenz, Italien.

5 things you have to do in Florence

A long white dress with blue stripes, a straw bag and some sneakers for a casual day in Florence.

Bella Italia – the name says it already. A beautiful country with many beautiful cities. I summarized in a short review the  5 things you have to do in Florence.