Holiday Packing List​

The holiday season is here and that means to pack your bags for your trip. To reduce stress and too much time, I created a holiday packing list with the must-haves.

Summer trends 2019: Color beige and batik pattern

Summertrends 2019: Batik Pattern and All-Over-Look

The cool thing about being able to enjoy the summer already in February is not only the extension of summertime, but also to wear the summer trends of 2019 already now. This time I want to show you two summer trends 2019: Color beige and batik pattern

Gelbe Hosen mit einem schwarzen Plastikmantel von nakd.com sowie High Heels und einem Body.

Black patent coat with yellow pants

black patent leather coat with yellow pants and high heels.

Trends inspire me and I love to make it to my own thing. But sometimes they also challenge me.