Ein All-in-White Sommeroutfit mit weisser Hose und weissem schulterfreiem Top.

All White Look

White from head to toe with white pants, and white shoulder off shirt and a white sunglasses. 

There is a lot more to a look than just a few pieces of cloth. Because not only pictures but also clothes can say more than a thousand words. Today an “all white look”, matching to my mood and my feelings.

Frisch vom Runway die neusten Handtaschen 2019.

Fresh from the Runway: Handbags 2019

the latest fashion trends for Handbags 2019, fresh from Runway.

It is almost one of the highlights every year. Something that I’m always soooo happy with and almost impatient until they’re finally here – the bag trends. Fresh from the runway I show you the handbags 2019.

Sonnengelbe Hosen kombiniert mit einem Neongrünen Top. Dazu sneakers von Skechers und einen karierte Tasche von Aldo.

A big bang with sunshine yellow and neon green

sunshine yellow pants with a neon green shirt, sneakers from Skechers and a bag from Aldo.

If someone had been told me a few years ago, that bright colors and neon shades become an absolute trend, I would have just smirked. But the bright colors have actually made it.

Andrea Steiner, mode bloggerin von Strawberries 'n' Champagne aus der Schweiz zeigt euch die Highlights der diesjährigen NYFW und die besten Trends für die kommende Herbst/Winter Saison 2019/2020.

NYFW Fall/Winter 2019/2020 – REVIEW

Andrea Steiner, fashion blogger from Strawberries 'n' Champagne shows all the trends and highlights of this NYFW and the upcoming trends for Fall/Winter 2019/2020.

The fashion circus is back and New York Fashion Week is already over. Now follows London, Paris, and Milan. In this post, I want to show you, all the highlights and trends from this NYFW for the upcoming fall/winter season 2019/2020.

10 Dinge die du in Buenos Aires tun musst.

10 things you have to do in Buenos Aires

10 things you have to do in Buenos Aires.

Wow, time flew by. I still have the feeling that I have just arrived in Buenos Aires. Now three weeks have passed. In addition to the Spanish language school, I have experienced many great things in these three weeks. Thats why I’ve created for you guys a Travel Guide for Buenos Aires.

Mein Outfit heute: eine lange weisse Bluse mit schwarzen Boots und schwarzen Hosen, dazu ein roter Boyhat, Rucksack und Sonnenbrille.

My biggest change in 2019

Outfit today, a long white blouse with black pants, black Boots, a red boy hat, a backpack and a sunglasses.

It had become a bit quiet from my side. At the moment time is running past me and we are in the middle of preparing for our long journey next year. Despite the great joy, it also means my biggest change in 2019 at the time.

Herbst Trend: Silberner Faltenrock mit einem kurzen Pullover und weissen Boots.

Fall Trend: Pleated Skirt

Silver pleated skirt with a sweater and white boots. Fall Trend.

There are people who can say it quickly like a shot what type they are in terms of seasons. With me, it is relatively difficult. How is it with you?

Leather season with leather skirt and leather hat

Outfit for fall. Leather skirt with a leather cap and overknees.

After a long and wonderful summer, fall season is here. And do you know about what I’m exciting for?

Check pattern in all-over look

Checked pattern all-over-look with checked pants, checked blazer and a yellow bag with a yellow hat and blue boots.

I used to associate the checked pattern with grandfathers, exemplary students or golfers and the call of a “petty-minded” one. A word with a negative touch. Then who wants to be described as “petty-minded”?

Die coolsten Cowboy Boots unter 100 Euro

Cowboy Boots under 150 Euro

Andrea Steiner, fashion blogger from Lucerne in Switzerland write on her fashion blog Strawberries 'n' Champagne about the latest trend Cowboy Boots and have a list of Boots under 150 Euro.

New week, new topic. This time one of my favorite topics – shoes. I could write about it for hours. But I try to keep it short. The shoe trend of the year: Cowboy Boots.