Andrea Steiner vom Mode Blog Strawberries 'n' Champagne trägt ein komplettes Outfit im Batik Muster, dazu eine Bauchtasche, eine orange Sonnenbrille und Sneakers.

Tie Dye x One Shoulder

Andrea Steiner from fashion blog Strawberries 'n' Champagne based in Switzerland is wearing a complete tie dye pattern outfit with a white fanny pack, a orange sunglasses and sneakers.

I am always impressed and fascinated, how something that we wear on our body, can influence the mood and the feelings.

Summer trends 2019: Color beige and batik pattern

Summertrends 2019: Batik Pattern and All-Over-Look

The cool thing about being able to enjoy the summer already in February is not only the extension of summertime, but also to wear the summer trends of 2019 already now. This time I want to show you two summer trends 2019: Color beige and batik pattern