Can I wear a transparent dress for a family weekend?

Black transparent dress from ASOS with black pumps and a leatherjacket from Zara. Perfect outfit for a family occasion.

Today here is another look that I wore on this family weekend. This time, a dress with transparent cutouts. The dress is not just suitable for a long night of partying, but also auits a nice family dinner.

Midi skirt for colder days – Part I

Midiskirt in pink from Topshop with a black turtleneck sweater from River Island and a leather bikerjacket and high heels from Zara. The bag is from Forever 21.

Even when it gets colder, it doesn’t mean that we need to keep our favourite garments we’ve been wearing over the past few months at the back of the closet. In this and the next post, I’m going to show you the seasonal possibilities you have wearing skirts and at the same time refreshing your wardrobe.