Colorful, almost a bit cheesy and loud – that’s Cuba. Just as colorful is my post today. A perfect, all day, summer outfit.

As you already know from my previous post “Viva Cuba – Style Inspiration“, I had the chance to inhale a bit of Cuban air for two weeks. The first few days we were in Havana – a city where something is always going on. Everywhere in the streets music is being played and lots of people sit in front of their houses for nearly the whole day and chit-chatting with their neighbours. Outside of Havana, just south, there is a small town called Trinidad. Honestly this small town was one of my personal highlights of this trip. I loved these colorful little houses which were all very closely strung together, and also the friendly coexistence of Cubans.

In this place I really wanted to wear one of my colorful and very feminine clothes, because I think it fits very well in this beautiful town.

Trinidad_Bild3_800px Trinidad_Bild4_800px Trinidad_Bild1_800px Trinidad_Bild9_800px Trinidad_Bild11_800px Trinidad_Bild16_800px Trinidad_Bild17_800px Trinidad_Bild23_800px

Get the Look

Dress: Forever 21, similar one
Shoes: River Island, similar one
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Hat: Kuba (No Name)