Andrea Steiner, fashion blogger from Strawberries 'n' Champagne shows what to wear in Fall white doing Sport.

Normally these texts are suitable for the start of summer season. Extra pounds can be hidden much easier during the cold season. I also do not want to keep a roasting for the topic “do a lot of sports”, but I am the wrong person 🙂 What I want is to inspire you with new sports clothes.

Doing sport is very important for me. It gives me a good feeling when I conquer my one’s weaker self if I am done with the training. Besides my workday and the blogging in my leisure time, I need a compensation. On the other hand, to recharge my head but also my body and mind with new and fresh energy.

Afterwards, I’m always totally proud of myself, but whether I’m really looking forward to doing sports? None. I am the type of person who knows, I have to do it because my health and my body are grateful to me. But the enthusiasm for bouncing into my training suit is bounded.

On the other hand, what I enjoy is the shopping of sportswear. I prefer to surf online and get inspired by the diversity of shopping. My sports outfit as well as these cool clothes you see above, I found at 21RUN. Even if I am not a sports lover, the right and functional clothes are very important to me.

Do you like the look? What do you prefer to wear for sports?