Andrea Steiner, fashion blogger from Switzerland write on her fashion blog Strawberry Champagne about the latest bag trends.

For men, they are a mystery. For women, an indispensable companion. Today I want to show you the latest and some of the craziest bag models for 2018.

Women and their handbags are a science on their own. What we always carry with us, is a black box for many men.

“I think men have a similar relationship to their eggs as women do to their handbags – it may be a small bag, but without it, we feel defenseless in public.” My absolute favorite phrase of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. She describes pretty well the relationship between women and her handbag.

There is usually chaos in my bag. At least for outsiders. In this disorder also exist a certain order. And so I always find everything, or most, what I need. The assortment ranges from hand cream to drinks, handkerchiefs, nail sets, various lip balms and many more. For a few hours to survive it is enough, but anyway.

This year, there are again many beautiful and freaky bags to see. Fringes bags, bum bags and bag pocket as well as different shapes and patterns. Some of them I show you in my blog post today.

1. Sophie Hulme, 2. Joseph, 3. Sophie Anderson, 4. Marni, 5. Wai Wai 6. Loewe 7. Balenciaga 8. Chloé