Dare you and follow your intuition – in life and especially in fashion. But how I recognize my intuition?

After Costa Rica I had the feeling, the air is out. My energy to travel has been used. But then we arrived in Guatemala. I do not know what it is, but automatically I was again full of motivation and enthusiasm to discover this country.

Guatemala was never on the map of our trip. However, since we have only heard positive things about Guatemala from so many people we met on our trip, we decided spontaneously to visit this place. And I’m glad we did it. Only after a few days, this country got me. The colors, the culture and the lovely people in Guatemala make this visit so interesting and valuable.

I realized again, intuitive decisions which happen fast and spontaneously are most of the time more powerful than the long trade-off decisions. I try to follow more of my intuition, even if it feels strange in the beginning. The strange feeling has to do with the fact that it’s just something new, something outside the comfort zone. But these are exactly the things that allow us to grow, learn and experience wonderful things.

Intuition in fashion is something that is often underestimated. Fashion is not just some pieces of garments on your body. It is much more. It creates your feeling, your mood and impress others. 

Following his intuition is one thing, but how do I know it is an intuition and not just a thought in my mind?

  • It is a thought, sometimes the sudden inspiration you have, without knowing from where it comes. You wake up in the morning and feel a certain sense or a craving for something – be it a particular color you have in your head or a garment that attracts you magically.
  • The intuitive voice in your head is soft, gentle and clear. It needs no explanation. It may feel strange, but still familiar.
  • Intuition emerges when we are totally calm and relaxed. For example, if we wake up in the morning, and jump into the shower, then suddenly intuitive thoughts are coming through our head.

How do you handle intuition? Do you recognize them suddenly and can transfer it to your daily life? Or do you struggle sometimes with them?

I bought my outfit of today also completely by my intuition. Orange pants with a cropped top in leopard pattern with a transparent bag and black shoes.

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Top: Forever 21
Pants: Flying Tomato
Bag: Forever 21, similar one
Sunglasses: Rayban
Shoes: Forever 21

Andrea Steiner, fashion blogger from Strawberries 'n' Champagne based in Switzerland is wearing orange pants with a leopard pattern cropped top, transparent bag and black sandales.