The holiday season is here and that means to pack your bags for your trip. To reduce stress and too much time, I created a holiday packing list with the must-haves.

Although after 6 months of traveling and packing in and out my stuff again, I like it the most when I have a packing list with me. It takes away this “packing-stress” which I creat in my mind and as well a lot of time, when I have a list with me. Of course, I always carry to much stuff with me in my bags, but I think many of us are struggling with this issue. Right?

There are some things you have to bring on your holiday. For example a chic dress, a jumpsuit or small things like a nice case for your phone or suitable accessories.

Here I created for you a wishlist where you can find all the must-haves for this holiday season.

Get the products

  1. Bag, ba&sh
  2. Jumpsuit, Breuninger
  3. Swimsuit, Topshop
  4. Fanny pack, ba&sh
  5. Shoes, Breuninger
  6. Phone case, Urbany’s
  7. Hairband, ba&sh
  8. Bag, LIMEME Lifestyle
  9. Sneakers, Breuninger
  10. Dress, H&M
  11. Earrings, CYK
  12. Necklace, CYK
  13. Sunglasses, Cerjo
  14. Dry shampoo, Batiste
  15. Bikini, Editet (Top und Hosen)